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Heavy Recovery Towing Winchester

Heavy recovery towing Winchester

Heavy vehicles recovery Winchester

A beneficial and mending recovery services

Castle recovery particulates in heavy vehicle recovery for all Winchester areas. Moreover, with a broad range of recovery vehicles. We also have the capability for damage-free lifting on all heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicles Winchester specialize in moving high vehicles such as coaches and double-deck buses. With a broad range of highly trained staff and recovery vehicles, heavy vehicles recovery Winchester will help you with any recovery situation.

Breakdown recovery services Winchester

At heavy vehicles recovery Winchester, we provide convenient and experienced roadside assistance, recovery, and storage of heavy vehicles, cars, and bikes. With our breakdown recovery services, we can address circumstances of any type within 24 hours.

Servicing and repairing heavy vehicles

With many years of experience in vehicle breakdown recovery, our company offers valuable clients an extensive span of services. Furthermore, we take different repairing and instinctive tasks on all types of vehicles. Castle recovery also provides experienced workers that will help when you want to go back on road.

Why choose heavy vehicle recovery?

  • Experienced customer service
  • Expert professionals
  • Countrywide guarantees
  • Quick response
  • No hidden costs
  • We are time-driven
  •  we make haste with our work as we value our customer’s time and convenience.
  • Our company follows a customer-oriented approach so we will always prioritize you and your wishes.

Examples of heavy vehicles

  • Road trains
  • Passenger busses
  • Vehicle careers
  • Livestock vehicles
  • Freight trucks
  • Mobile cranes

Heavy vehicles categories

1-Agricultural vehicles

An agriculture vehicle has a diesel motor and powerful gasoline. Moreover, they have heavily rear tires, mainly used for dragging farm machinery. For example, it includes harvesters and tractors.

2- Vehicle carriers 

Vehicle carriers are composed of two ramps that hold up to 10 vehicles. Vehicle carriers are also known as an open carriers. Furthermore, it’s longer than 19m.

3-Livestock vehicles

Livestock vehicles are heavy vehicles higher than 4.3m and they are used to carry horses, sheep, pigs, and cattle. 


The buses which are longer than 12.5 m come in the category of heavy vehicles. Such vehicles are also known as ‘ controlled access buses’. 

5-Feight- carrying vehicles

Freight carrying vehicles are longer than 19m. These vehicles are used to carry transport goods by road. 

6-Special purpose vehicles 

Special purpose vehicles are motor vehicles, they are made for carrying goods or water. Examples are fire trucks, mobile cranes, etc. 

7-Over mass vehicles

   Over mass, vehicles are the heavy vehicles that are used to carry the load and are heavy vehicle carrying. For example prime mover and extendable trailer. 

Our way of work is unmatched across Winchester. For the best and most cost-effective vehicle services in Winchester Contact Us today!

If you are looking for Truck breakdown recovery Norwich, we are also available there for you. Call us today and we will be delighted to help in any way we can. You can also visit us at Facbook and Instagram.

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